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Rugged Ridge RRC Rocker Guards

The Rocker Guards that are made by Rugged Ridge have been made in true rock crawling fashion.  They add protection right under the sides of your Jeep while they are also equipped with a side hoop that will add protection from those massive outcroppings.  The special design is frame mounted and as such it will give you a secure installation that is bounce free while it also maintains the mounting points to be above the frame bottom level so that you get the most ground clearance possible.  Each one of these guards is mounted to your Jeep with ease using just a simple bolt on method to make installation easy and to make it durable.

With these rocker guards on your Jeep you will be able to make sure that your rocker panels do not get beaten down while you are on the trails.  It has been made from .120 wall steel tubing that is quite heavy duty.  This has been given a textured powder coat to make it more resistant to corrosion.  These guards will easily be able to take the pounding that should have gone to your rocker panels.  The bolt on design uses mounting locations that are already on the Jeep body.  The finish is resistant to scratches and will allow for more traction when you use the bar as a step.  These rocker guards are sold in sets of 2 and come to you with all of the hardware that is necessary for a safe and proper installation.  Installation should take no more than a couple of hours.  These guards also come with a 5 year warranty.

Features at a Glance

  • Rugged Ridge makes these RRC Rocker Guards with pride right here in the USA
  • These guards come to you complete with a warranty that is good for a full 5 years
  • These guards give you the protection for your rocker panels that you need without making you sacrifice your ground clearance in order to get it
  • There is are special hoops on the sides of these guards that will block large outcroppings from damaging your rocker panels
  • The design of these guards means that they are meant to be mounted directly to the frame of your Jeep.  This means that the installation will be one that is secure while also being free from annoying bounce
  • The mounting points that will be used for installation are actually above the bottom part of the frame which is what serves to maintain your ground clearance
  • These guards are made from a heavy duty .120 wall steel tubing that has been finished with a textured powder coat
  • You can get these guards in black or in titanium
  • All of the hardware that is necessary for a safe and proper installation is included