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Rock Hard 4 x 4 Parts Tubular Rocker Guards

Rock Hard 4 x 4 is extremely proud of their Tubular Rocker Guards that are the easiest to install and the most heavy duty ones of their kind on the market today.  They are made for the 4 door Jeep JK and this is the ultimate in terms of upgrades for any wheelers, regardless of your level of skill.  With these guards, you will get all of the same benefits that you get from the factory installed Rubicon rails with the addition of a tubular step that has been welded on to make getting in and out of your Jeep easier than ever before.

The originality and innovation that went into the making of these rocker guards make them a body armor upgrade that is world class.  They have been designed to simply be bolted on but they also give you more capabilities whether you are on the highway or on the trails.  Each one of these bars has been made from .120 wall steel which means that they are rock crushers of incomparable strength.  The steel tubing has been jig welded.  Each one of these guards has an end cap that has been welded closed so as to prevent dirt, water and debris from getting inside them.

These Tubular Rocker Guards have a precise fit which means that they are incredibly easy to install.  These guards mount to the pinch seam of the body as well as to the body bolts themselves with tabs that are more than 3 times as wide as the factory made tabs.  This gives you more points for mounting so that you get an installation that is an exact fit and free from rattle while also being stronger.  You will get all of the hardware that is necessary for a safe and proper installation and this hardware pack will also contain shims that will allow for you to use the heavy duty hardware in order to align these guards perfectly.  Oh, and there is no need for any drilling.

There particular Rocker Guards are highly recognizable.  Owners of them brag about how tough they look and how well they function on the trails.

Features at a Glance

  • Rock Hard 4 x 4 makes these Tubular Rocker Guards with pride right here in the USA
  • These Rocker Guards come to you complete with a warranty that is good for a lifetime
  • The tube sliders are heavy duty and protect the body panels of your Jeep
  • In addition to the body protection, these guards also provide you with a step
  • When compared to the factory installed rails, these are extremely heavy duty.  Also, they do not just bolt on over the factory installed ones – they replace them