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Delta Industries 7 Inch Xenon Headlights

Delta Industries is proud to make these 7 inch Xenon head lights.  This head light features a prismatic lens that has been precision crafted.  Once the lenses have been made, they are then put in a housing that is made from stamped steel.  The reflectors in the housings are ones that have been vacuum metalized.  These head lights are made to be direct replacement parts for your factory installed head lights.  That being said, they do come in a conversion kit and once they have been installed you will be able to light up the night like never before.

The 7 inch Xenon head lights are meant for use with the Jeep wrangler Unlimited, Rubicon and TJ model years 1997 – 2006 as well as with the Jeep CJ model years 1972 – 1986.  Be advised that the kit for the CJ has lights that have a lead crystal lens as opposed to the prismatic lenses that are included for the other Jeeps.  This lens is domed and for those who are looking to restore their Jeeps and make them look great, these are the ideal lighting choice.

When you purchase these head lights you will get lights that have both high beams and low beams as well as the Xenon H4 bulbs that power them.  These particular bulbs are 60/55 watts.

Features at a Glance

  • Each one of these kits comes to you complete with 2 head lights
  • The bulbs used in these lights are 60/55 watts
  • These lights feature both high beams and low beams
  • If you are restoring a classic CJ model year 1972 – 1986 then these lights are the ideal choice
  • These lights are also compatible with the TJ Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited model year 1997 – 2006
  • The lens that is used in the Xenon head lights that are brought to you by the minds at Delta Industries have been precision crafted and they are of the prismatic type
  • Lenses in the lights meant for the CJ are made from lead crystal
  • The housings for these head lights are made from stamped steel
  • The reflectors used in these head lights have been vacuum metalized
  • The 7 inch Xenon Head lights are meant to be a direct replacement part for your dim, factory installed lights

The Difference Between Xenon HID and Gas Filled Xenon Bulbs

Xenon HID bulbs are not equipped with a filament.  Instead, they have Xenon gas.  The ignition of this gas provides the light.  It has a life span of approximately 2500 hours and is 3 times as bright as a halogen bulb.

Gas filled Xenon bulbs are actually halogen bulbs that have been given a blue film coating to give it the appearance of a Xenon bulb.