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Delta Industries 7 Inch Round Xenon Quad Bar Headlight Kit with Halo

The Quad Bar Headlight that is made by Delta Industries has been designed specifically to be used on Jeeps.  This head light is one that is DOT compliant and is a direct replacement part for those dim factory installed head lights.  These lights feature a quad bar reinforcement that is made from metal and has been integrated into the light so that it will keep the xenon bulbs protected.  The lenses are made from a high quality lead crystal and they have been encased in parabolic reflectors that are metal.  These head lights come to you complete with a pair of both the bulbs and the head lights.  There is not even a need for any complicated wiring!  Just plug them in and you are ready to go!

Delta Industries has developed these armored xenon head lights to be replacements for the factory installed head lights on the Jeep JK.  These lights have been equipped with steel armor that is built in and works to protect the element.  The lights for the JK come with an adapter that will convert your existing H4 system to one that will be H13.  The head lights also have a rubber boot that has been vented on order to seal the lights from moisture and dust.  These particular head lights outperform the factory installed head lights by a factor of 4 to 1.

These Quad Bar lights will glow for you night and day as soon as you flip your ignition on.  The halo around these lights is what gives them an aggressive look.

Part Included

  • A pair of the head lights
  • A pair of the H4 xenon bulbs 60/55 watt
  • A pair of vented rubber boots
  • A pair of H4 to H13 adapters

Features at a Glance

  • These 7 inch xenon round quad bar head lights with halo are sold as a pair
  • These lights feature a lead crystal glass lens that is prismatic
  • There is an integrated quad bar on these lights that is a reinforcement that keeps the bulb protected from dangers on the trails
  • These head lights are meant to be a direct replacement part for your factory installed dim head lights
  • The Quad bar head lights that are brought to you by the minds at Delta Industries also have a daytime running light known as a halo
  • These lights are compatible with the JK Wrangler, Unlimited and Rubicon model years 2007 – 2015
  • They work with both 2 door models and 4 door models
  • These lights were meant for use on the Jeeps that have the City Light Bulbs.  This is an optional light that provides a third beam.  You can wire it right to your factory installed parking lights.