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Jeep Steel Wheels by CRAGAR

Hot rodding and off roading simply would not be what you expect if it were not for CRAGAR Wheels.  CRAGAR is a legend that began in the 1960s with hot rodding.  Through the years, they have built some of the most legendary wheels in the industry and have become not just a leader in the field but also an icon.

For example, take a look at the CRAGAR S/S.  This wheel has almost what one might call rock star status but for the wheel industry.  Many companies have mimicked the design of this wheel and only changed it by giving it a shape that was slightly different or by using a different material.

CRAGAR itself makes quite a few different styles of this wheel.  You can get it as the original S/S as well as in various other styles and even with aluminum finishes.  The modern version is called 500 Series Eliminator and there is also an ultra-modern version of this wheel that is called 600 Series S/S.  All of these wheels have a 5 spoke design and the main difference lies in the shape of the spokes.

When it comes to CRAGAR wheels, the list is way too long to list here.  They make everything from the 441 Series to Rally rims and Chrome Smoothies.  They have a wide range of wheels and make them in all of the most popular sizes.  Each one of their main styles has its own variations including aluminum finishes which allows you to mix and match your wheel styles.  You might want to choose a black center with an aluminum finish for your steel wheels or you may even want a stainless rim with a center that has an aluminum finish and an outer rim that has been polish machined.  Whatever your taste is, CRAGAR makes the wheels that make it possible to get exactly what you want.

Even though CRAGAR jumped to fame in the 1960s they were actually founded back in 1930 by a couple of gents named Harlan Fengler and Crane Gartz.  Originally, they manufactured cylinder heads for vehicles.  When their wheels jumped to be their most popular product in the 60s, they decided to drop their other products and concentrate on what was making them the most money – the wheels.  Since then, they have remained a dominant force in the wheel industry and today you can find millions of cars, Jeeps, trucks and SUVs equipped with CRAGAR steel wheels.

Jeep owners especially have been turning to CRAGAR for their steel wheels.  Jeepers need wheels that are strong enough to handle all of the perils of trails, dunes and rocks and CRAGAR steel wheels are just that tough!


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