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Bushwacker Sill Plate Protector and Rocker Panel in the Trail Armor Series

The Sill Plate Protector and Rocker Panel in the Trail Armor Series is brought to you by the minds at Bushwacker.  When you want to keep your Jeep looking great for as long as possible, this is easily accomplished when you equip said Jeep with the Trail Armor that Bushwacker makes.  These accessories give you an installation that is simple, a style that is appealing, a durability that is rugged along with confidence.

Features at a Glance

  • The Rocker Panel and Sill Plate Protector that are made by Bushwacker come to you complete with a warrant that is good for a lifetime
  • Bushwacker makes this accessory with pride right here in the USA
  • Installation is simple and requires no drilling, cutting or welding.  You will not even need the simplest of hand tools since the installation is completed by using the included 3M adhesive
  • These pieces of body armor have been custom made to fit your specific year and model Jeep
  • Bushwacker made these accessories to have 100% resistance to UV rays,  This means that they will not fade and will give you lasting good looks
  • These rocker panels and sill plate protectors have been formed from a material that is exclusive to Bushwacker.  This material is known as Duraflex 2000 and it is a TPO type material.  This is extremely tough in terms of the protection that it can offer the body of your Jeep
  • These pieces of body protection will also give your Jeep a more rugged and aggressive style
  • It is meant to protect the bod parts of the Jeep that it covers from scratches and dings

Whether it is gravel, sticks or mud – there is always quite a bit of debris out on the trails that can damage your Jeep.  Do you remember all of those times when you just gritted your teeth and drove on – knowing all the while that you were scratching your paint job and denting your Jeep out on the trails?  You can eliminate that feeling with simplicity.  Just make sure that your Jeep is equipped with these stylish pieces of body armor that Bushwacker makes.

These pieces of body armor are made from TPO material – Thermoplastic PolyOlefin – that is called Duraflex 2000 and is proprietary to Bushwacker.  It gives both an appealing style and more rugged durability to your Jeep.  This particular material is able to absorb damage from the trails like no types of metal can and it comes to you 100% protected from UV rays so that you will not need to deal with it warping, fading or cracking.  It is easy as 1, 2, 3 to install and doesn’t even require you to break out the tool box.