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Body Armor 4×4 Rock Crawler Side Guards

You will find the Rock Crawler Side Guards that are brought to you by the minds at Body Armor 4 x 4 also being called Side Bars.  These bars are meant to give you additional protection to the underbody of your Jeep while they also give you assistance for when you and your passengers enter or exit your rig.  The installation is a simple process too.  Just bolt these bars on and you are ready to hit the trails.

Features at a Glance

  • These Side Guards have been forged from square steel tubing that is .140 thick and has a diameter of 1 and a half inches
  • These guards serve a dual purpose – they function as a usable step for getting in and out of your Jeep while they are offer protection to the sides and underbody of the Jeep
  • These guards are easy to install with only simple hand tools
  • There is no need for any sort of welding, cutting, drilling or any other sort of modifications in order to complete the installation safely and properly
  • These guards have been specifically designed to be able to handle the rigors of the off road
  • The guards have been given a durable textured powder coat finish in black.  This serves three purposes.  First, it looks stylish.  It also gives the guards more resistance to corrosion.  It also adds traction to the step due to the texture of the finish.
  • With these side bars you will get protection that goes from the front wheel well all the way to the rear wheel well
  • These bars are strong enough that you could actually lift the vehicle with them when you are using a Hi Lift jack

When you are out on the trails or crawling over some rocks, you can avoid all of those unfortunate scrapes on the rocker panels with the Rock Crawler Side Guards that are made by Body Armor 4×4.  The rocker panels on your Jeep are made from thin sheet metal and are easily dented and dinged.  With the protection of these side guards they are reinforced.  This gives more protection to the rocker panels from stumps and/or rocks.  Many times, a rock can dig into your rocker panels and get you hung up.  This will, of course, seriously impede any sort of forward progress.  It will also tear your Jeep up.   With these bars, you can reinforce that area.  The steel plates that Body Armor 4 x 4 uses to make this product will allow for the stumps and rocks to simply slide along the length of your Jeep as opposed to them being able to dig in.