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4 Products for a Jeeper’s Best Friend

As excited as you may be to climb into your Jeep and hit the trail for a weekend away, there will always be one member of your family who is more excited: the dog. Bring your two best friends, your Jeep and your dog, together with these four Doggy Jeeper products.

1. A Pet Barrier

4 Products for a Jeeper's Best Friend

Fido may be smart, but driving will never be his forte. Make sure he enjoys the wind billowing through his drool-y cheeks safely from the back of your Jeep, so you can focus on the ride. For a Jeep JK, the Bestop Pet Barrier is the best choice; or a Weather Tech Pet Divider for your Cherokee, Grand Cherokee Liberty or Commander. 

2. Vo-Toys Jeep Ruff’n Tough Man

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Just like your Jeep, the Ruff’n Tough Man is built to last: prepared to be thrown, dragged, shaken, gnawed and tugged on for many rides to come. Now both of you can have Jeep toys!

3. JeepTails Dog Tail Lamp Covers

Image courtesy of JeepTails

Image courtesy of JeepTails

Of all the exterior accessories, this is the perfect way to show of your puppy love, Jeeper style. The covers are made of durable, flexible plastic and come in a variety of doggy designs. Their installation is quick and painless and their canine designs are sure to let plenty of light through.

4. The “Big Wolf” Jeep Dog Collar

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Your dog may not be able to read the logo, but you know by the wagging tail that he loves your Jeep as much as you do. With this collar, he can bark it loud and proud: he’s a Jeep dog. Warning: may cause other dogs to become jealous of your four-legged friend’s exceptional taste in both fashion and off-roading vehicles.

Rachel Bowes is a copywriter with 4WP