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Delta Industries 7 Inch Xenon Headlights

Delta Industries is proud to make these 7 inch Xenon head lights.  This head light features a prismatic lens that has been precision crafted.  Once the lenses have been made, they are then put in a housing that is made from stamped steel.  The reflectors in the housings are ones that have been vacuum metalized.  These head lights are made to be direct replacement parts for your factory installed head lights.  That being said, they do come in a conversion kit and once they have been installed you will be able to light up the night like never before.

The 7 inch Xenon head lights are meant for use with the Jeep wrangler Unlimited, Rubicon and TJ model years 1997 – 2006 as well as with the Jeep CJ model years 1972 – 1986.  Be advised that the kit for the CJ has lights that have a lead crystal lens as opposed to the prismatic lenses that are included for the other Jeeps.  This lens is domed and for those who are looking to restore their Jeeps and make them look great, these are the ideal lighting choice.

When you purchase these head lights you will get lights that have both high beams and low beams as well as the Xenon H4 bulbs that power them.  These particular bulbs are 60/55 watts.

Features at a Glance

  • Each one of these kits comes to you complete with 2 head lights
  • The bulbs used in these lights are 60/55 watts
  • These lights feature both high beams and low beams
  • If you are restoring a classic CJ model year 1972 – 1986 then these lights are the ideal choice
  • These lights are also compatible with the TJ Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited model year 1997 – 2006
  • The lens that is used in the Xenon head lights that are brought to you by the minds at Delta Industries have been precision crafted and they are of the prismatic type
  • Lenses in the lights meant for the CJ are made from lead crystal
  • The housings for these head lights are made from stamped steel
  • The reflectors used in these head lights have been vacuum metalized
  • The 7 inch Xenon Head lights are meant to be a direct replacement part for your dim, factory installed lights

The Difference Between Xenon HID and Gas Filled Xenon Bulbs

Xenon HID bulbs are not equipped with a filament.  Instead, they have Xenon gas.  The ignition of this gas provides the light.  It has a life span of approximately 2500 hours and is 3 times as bright as a halogen bulb.

Gas filled Xenon bulbs are actually halogen bulbs that have been given a blue film coating to give it the appearance of a Xenon bulb.


Delta Industries 7 Inch Round Xenon Quad Bar Headlight Kit with Halo

The Quad Bar Headlight that is made by Delta Industries has been designed specifically to be used on Jeeps.  This head light is one that is DOT compliant and is a direct replacement part for those dim factory installed head lights.  These lights feature a quad bar reinforcement that is made from metal and has been integrated into the light so that it will keep the xenon bulbs protected.  The lenses are made from a high quality lead crystal and they have been encased in parabolic reflectors that are metal.  These head lights come to you complete with a pair of both the bulbs and the head lights.  There is not even a need for any complicated wiring!  Just plug them in and you are ready to go!

Delta Industries has developed these armored xenon head lights to be replacements for the factory installed head lights on the Jeep JK.  These lights have been equipped with steel armor that is built in and works to protect the element.  The lights for the JK come with an adapter that will convert your existing H4 system to one that will be H13.  The head lights also have a rubber boot that has been vented on order to seal the lights from moisture and dust.  These particular head lights outperform the factory installed head lights by a factor of 4 to 1.

These Quad Bar lights will glow for you night and day as soon as you flip your ignition on.  The halo around these lights is what gives them an aggressive look.

Part Included

  • A pair of the head lights
  • A pair of the H4 xenon bulbs 60/55 watt
  • A pair of vented rubber boots
  • A pair of H4 to H13 adapters

Features at a Glance

  • These 7 inch xenon round quad bar head lights with halo are sold as a pair
  • These lights feature a lead crystal glass lens that is prismatic
  • There is an integrated quad bar on these lights that is a reinforcement that keeps the bulb protected from dangers on the trails
  • These head lights are meant to be a direct replacement part for your factory installed dim head lights
  • The Quad bar head lights that are brought to you by the minds at Delta Industries also have a daytime running light known as a halo
  • These lights are compatible with the JK Wrangler, Unlimited and Rubicon model years 2007 – 2015
  • They work with both 2 door models and 4 door models
  • These lights were meant for use on the Jeeps that have the City Light Bulbs.  This is an optional light that provides a third beam.  You can wire it right to your factory installed parking lights.


Rock Hard 4 x 4 Parts Tubular Rocker Guards

Rock Hard 4 x 4 is extremely proud of their Tubular Rocker Guards that are the easiest to install and the most heavy duty ones of their kind on the market today.  They are made for the 4 door Jeep JK and this is the ultimate in terms of upgrades for any wheelers, regardless of your level of skill.  With these guards, you will get all of the same benefits that you get from the factory installed Rubicon rails with the addition of a tubular step that has been welded on to make getting in and out of your Jeep easier than ever before.

The originality and innovation that went into the making of these rocker guards make them a body armor upgrade that is world class.  They have been designed to simply be bolted on but they also give you more capabilities whether you are on the highway or on the trails.  Each one of these bars has been made from .120 wall steel which means that they are rock crushers of incomparable strength.  The steel tubing has been jig welded.  Each one of these guards has an end cap that has been welded closed so as to prevent dirt, water and debris from getting inside them.

These Tubular Rocker Guards have a precise fit which means that they are incredibly easy to install.  These guards mount to the pinch seam of the body as well as to the body bolts themselves with tabs that are more than 3 times as wide as the factory made tabs.  This gives you more points for mounting so that you get an installation that is an exact fit and free from rattle while also being stronger.  You will get all of the hardware that is necessary for a safe and proper installation and this hardware pack will also contain shims that will allow for you to use the heavy duty hardware in order to align these guards perfectly.  Oh, and there is no need for any drilling.

There particular Rocker Guards are highly recognizable.  Owners of them brag about how tough they look and how well they function on the trails.

Features at a Glance

  • Rock Hard 4 x 4 makes these Tubular Rocker Guards with pride right here in the USA
  • These Rocker Guards come to you complete with a warranty that is good for a lifetime
  • The tube sliders are heavy duty and protect the body panels of your Jeep
  • In addition to the body protection, these guards also provide you with a step
  • When compared to the factory installed rails, these are extremely heavy duty.  Also, they do not just bolt on over the factory installed ones – they replace them



Poison Spyder Customs JK Brawler Rockers in Bare Steel

Jeep Wrangler JKs – specifically the 4 door Unlimited with the long wheel base – can be extremely vulnerable when it comes to sustaining damage to the rocker panels when they are out on the trails.  Poison Spyder knows this and has come up with the ideal solution for this – the Brawler Rockers.  These offer the ultimate in terms of protection when it comes to the rocker panels.  They will also assist with the off road capabilities of your rig.  To top it all off, they look amazing too!

This is rocker armor in the two piece style of a mini – boat side.  Each one of these components has been made from 3/16 inch thick plate steel that has been precision brake formed and CNC laser cut.  The top part of it fits to the bottom part of the exterior of your Jeep perfectly, it conforms to the innate curves of the Jeep and gives the ultimate in terms of protection.  The bottom piece utilizes a rub rail that is exceedingly strong and this will extend from the body tub of the Jeep by about 3 ¼ inches.  This rub ail has a top surface that doubles as a step to assist you with getting into and out of your Jeep.

Below this, the 3/16 inch thick plate steel that has been brake formed angles in and down in order to form a boat side that is high clearance allowing for the Jeep to slide right off those obstacles and rocks on the trails.

Inside the construction you will find a variety of internal gussets that are 3/16 of an inch in thickness.  These give the Brawler Rockers even more strength.  The boat side section has oval shaped lightening holes all along it which add to the killer looks of this accessory while also allowing for you to have access to hosing out the debris and mud after each of your off road adventures.  The end pieces of these Brawler Rocker have been capped in the same type of steel that they are forged from.  They feature facets that have been angled in order to allow for massive rubbers as well as to integrate more with the lines of the JK Crusher Flares that are also made by Poison Spyder.

Features at a Glance

  • The Brawler Rockers are made by Poison Spyder with pride right here in the USA
  • These rockers come to you complete with a warranty that is good for a full year
  • Poison Spyder makes these armor accessories and ships them to you in the bare steel finish.  However, if you prefer to have them painted, they are able to be painted



Bushwacker Sill Plate Protector and Rocker Panel in the Trail Armor Series

The Sill Plate Protector and Rocker Panel in the Trail Armor Series is brought to you by the minds at Bushwacker.  When you want to keep your Jeep looking great for as long as possible, this is easily accomplished when you equip said Jeep with the Trail Armor that Bushwacker makes.  These accessories give you an installation that is simple, a style that is appealing, a durability that is rugged along with confidence.

Features at a Glance

  • The Rocker Panel and Sill Plate Protector that are made by Bushwacker come to you complete with a warrant that is good for a lifetime
  • Bushwacker makes this accessory with pride right here in the USA
  • Installation is simple and requires no drilling, cutting or welding.  You will not even need the simplest of hand tools since the installation is completed by using the included 3M adhesive
  • These pieces of body armor have been custom made to fit your specific year and model Jeep
  • Bushwacker made these accessories to have 100% resistance to UV rays,  This means that they will not fade and will give you lasting good looks
  • These rocker panels and sill plate protectors have been formed from a material that is exclusive to Bushwacker.  This material is known as Duraflex 2000 and it is a TPO type material.  This is extremely tough in terms of the protection that it can offer the body of your Jeep
  • These pieces of body protection will also give your Jeep a more rugged and aggressive style
  • It is meant to protect the bod parts of the Jeep that it covers from scratches and dings

Whether it is gravel, sticks or mud – there is always quite a bit of debris out on the trails that can damage your Jeep.  Do you remember all of those times when you just gritted your teeth and drove on – knowing all the while that you were scratching your paint job and denting your Jeep out on the trails?  You can eliminate that feeling with simplicity.  Just make sure that your Jeep is equipped with these stylish pieces of body armor that Bushwacker makes.

These pieces of body armor are made from TPO material – Thermoplastic PolyOlefin – that is called Duraflex 2000 and is proprietary to Bushwacker.  It gives both an appealing style and more rugged durability to your Jeep.  This particular material is able to absorb damage from the trails like no types of metal can and it comes to you 100% protected from UV rays so that you will not need to deal with it warping, fading or cracking.  It is easy as 1, 2, 3 to install and doesn’t even require you to break out the tool box.