aFe Mach Force XP Cat – Back Exhaust System

The exhaust systems in the aFe Mach Fore XP series give you a sound that is powerful yet mellow.  They look extremely aggressive and are resistant to corrosion.  In most cases, these exhaust systems are made from 409 stainless steel.  That said, the BMW applications as well as the one for the Ford Ranger are made from 304 stainless steel.  The Jeep applications don’t have a tips.  BMW applications have carbon fiber tips and all other applications feature polished stainless steel tips.

Recently, this system was tested and was able to produce torque at 8 pounds x feet as well as 4 horsepower.  Made from stainless steel that has been mandrel bent, it is TIG welded and has a brushed stainless finish.  In order to maximize the performance across the entire power band while keeping a great tone, a single in, dual out high flow stainless steel muffler was utilized.  Finishing off this exhaust are laser etched 3 inch stainless steel tips.  In order for this system to be installed, there is some cutting required and as such it should only be installed by a professional.  That said, it is installed using all of the factory installed hanger locations.

When you use this system, you can get an exhaust flow that is 57 percent improved when compared to your factory exhaust system.  Made from stainless steel that has been mandrel bent, it also utilizes and includes band clamps, bayonet style hangers and all of the hardware necessary for a safe and secure installation.

It is important to remember that this particular series of exhaust systems is available for multiple applications.  As such, some of them come with a 3 inch pipe while others have other sizes.  Some of them are dual inlet – center out while others are single inlet – dual outlet styles.  Other differences by application include installation.  Some applications feature an easy installation while others may require a bit of cutting.

Differences aside, the seals on this system are leak free.  There are very high quality flange and band clamps in the OE style.  These are used to obtain a sealing surface that is 360 degrees in order to eliminate any possible leak paths.

As far as sound and/or tone goes, it is one that is aggressive.  The muffler used is a free flowing, straight through one and it absorbs higher pitched tones.  This leaves you with a sound that is powerful while it also makes the most of your torque and horsepower.

Features at a Glance

  • Bayonet style hangers
  • Stainless steel tubing that has been mandrel bent
  • Comes with a  2 year limited warranty
  • Installation can be hassle free or may need to be installed by a professional depending on the application
  • Muffler is a straight through, free flow style