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Smittybilt XRC Armor Front Tube Fenders with 3 Inch Flare

Smittybilt has over 50 years of making Jeep parts and accessories under their belt.  Not only have they been making these parts and accessories, they have been doing it so well that they are consistently a force to be reckoned with in the industry.  It all began in 1956.

There was a man named Basil Smith – Smitty to his friends.  He had a small machine shop called Rock-ett Products that he ran from his home garage.  He was one of the original off road enthusiasts and spent his time making the parts and accessories that off roaders like himself needed.  Fast forward to 2014 and Rock-ett Products is now Smittybilt.  They make more than 2,000 unique parts and accessories and their products are sought after by off road enthusiasts around the globe.  In fact, the next time you are out anywhere, look at a Jeep…any Jeep.  The accessories that you see on it will more than likely be Smittybilt.

XRC Armor Front Tube Fenders

You can raise your tire clearance while increasing your off road capabilities just by adding these fenders to your Jeep.  This is a high clearance style that is absolutely perfect for those who want larger tires as well as the maximum amount of articulation.  These fenders have a gnarly look and are more than likely going to turn heads both on and off the trails.

These fenders are custom made for your Wrangler or CJ.  They have been crafted to be able to withstand all of the unfortunate occurrences that can happen both on and off the road.  The fenders begin as a piece of .120 wall steel tubing that has a diameter of an inch and a half.  They add 5/32 of an inch of cold rolled steel to that.  This creates a design that is tubular and will give you the strength as well as the durability that you have come to expect from Smittybilt products.  The fenders are finished with a powder coat in flat black.

Features at a Glance

  • Each one of the XRC Armor Front Tube Fenders is backed with a Smittybilt 5 year warranty
  • All of the necessary hardware for mounting is included with your purchase.  This mounting hardware is also stainless steel
  • Installation is simple and only requires slight mods to the OE fender
  • These fenders will relocate the hood latch so that you get a look that is clean and finished
  • Features a flat black powder coat that is heavy duty
  • Made from .120 wall steel tubing that has a diameter of one and a half inches as well as from 5/32 of an inch plate steel
  • Design is tubular to give you the ultimate in durability and strength
  • High clearance style is ideal for larger tires


aFe Atlas Aluminized Steel Exhaust System

aFe is short for Advanced Flow Engineering.  They make air filters as well as intake systems that are only for those who want nothing less than high performance.  They have been doing this since 1999.  Originally, the engineers at aFe meant to offer motoring enthusiasts an option for aftermarket air filters that were high performance.  Today, they have a phenomenal lineup of intake systems as well as air filters and exhaust systems. aFe pays very close attention to the finer details of filter design and by doing this they manage to stand apart from the competition.  aFe doesn’t just bring you a run of the mill aftermarket filter, they bring you the very best filters, exhaust and intake systems that you can get. The products that are made by aFe are not just for cars.  They are available for Jeeps and light trucks too!  These products have been designed to be able to give your rig a tremendous boost in terms of mileage as well as horsepower.  Additionally, each one of these systems and products are custom made to fit your specific year, make and model. Atlas Aluminized Steel Exhaust System This particular exhaust system is made from aluminized steel tubing that measures 4 inches in diameter and has been mandrel bent.  It comes as a total package that includes the band clamps, OE style bayonet hangers, tubing, a free flowing muffler and all of the hardware that you will need in order to safely install it.  The increased diameter and the smooth curves that you will see in this exhaust system assist in removing any type of restriction while also keeping the exhaust gas flowing very smoothly which results in increases in both torque and horsepower.  The whole thing is finished off with a rolled slash cut tip made from black 304 stainless steel that gives the aggressive attitude to the system. Installation This is super simple due to the fact that this system utilizes all of the factory mounting locations in order to give you an easy and stable installation. Leaks? Not hardly.  The band and flange clamps used are high quality OE style that make a 360 degree seal that completely eliminates any possible leak paths. Tone This system provides you with an aggressive tone.  The muffler is made from free flowing aluminized steel and is straight through.  It absorbs any tones that are high pitched which leaves you with a sound that is powerful and unleashes all of the torque and horsepower. All of the products in the aFe line are made with pride right here in the USA.  You can find their facilities in Corona, California where they design, engineer and manufacture everything that carries the aFe name.