Jeep Antenna Kits

Many Jeepers like to have a CB radio in their Jeep.  A Citizen Band radio is a type of radio that is able to send and receive transmission with the assistance of a CB radio antenna.  You will typically find that the radio itself and the antenna are sold separately. 

That said, it is possible to get a kit that contains the antenna and everything else that you will need in order to install it properly.  Alternatively, if you already have an antenna installed and are just looking for a replacement antenna, you can also find the antennas being sold separately. 

An antenna of this type basically has 2 main jobs. 

  1. The first thing that an antenna needs to be able to do is to receive the inbound signals and then to forward them on to the receiver on the CB so that they can be converted into electrical signals.
  2. When transmissions are going out from the CB, the antenna needs to be able to convert those signals to radio signals before sending them out to be received by another radio in another location.

All of this is called the transmitting function.  This is the crucial purpose of an antenna.

It is important that when you are searching for an antenna, you get one that will be right for the job.  See, different wavelengths are necessary to be able to send and receive different signals.  If you are able to tune your antenna correctly, the wavelength will be able to perfectly coincide with the various frequencies that it needs to transmit. 

The formula to determine the proper length is as follows:

  • 984/frequency megahertz = wavelength feet

Frequencies for CB radios generally begin at 25.01 megahertz.  For an antenna to be able to transmit on the full wavelength, it would need to be just a hair over 39.34 feet.  A bit much?  Yes.  Antenna lengths that are common are fractions of that.  For example they are 1/2, 5/8, ¼ and even 1/8 of the total wavelength.  Quarter wave antennas that are frequently seen on Jeeps are typically just below 10 feet in length.

Today’s CB radios generally have more than 40 channels.  Each channel works at a different frequency.  This means that to be able to properly use each channel, you would need a different antenna.  However, that being a bit of a stretch, antenna manufacturers tend to make antennas that fall right in the center of the frequencies so that they can get the most use.

In order to work, you must adjust the antenna and the SWR until you get clear reception.  Once you have done that, you will be able to use your CB radio any time you feel the need.