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Smittybilt Jeep Seats & Seat Covers

Jeep seats set your interior apart and Smittybilt is the dependable manufacturer offering their wide array of matchless options in various colors and styles. When you’re replacing or upgrading your Jeep seats, Smittybilt is the smart choice. Smittybilt’s custom-fit seat covers give you an added layer of protection, style, and flair when you want to refurnish worn out seats or keep your new ones immaculate.

Jeep Seats

Smittybilt Seats

Introducing the next generation of Jeep performance seating from Smittybilt. These groundbreaking Smittybilt XRC seats combine comfort with technological advances that Jeep owners crave. These seats feature a durable Kodiak frame complemented by a plush foam pack and showcase the pinnacle of luxury and quality – a Contoured Single Suspension Liner. Mil Spec fabric and vinyl shields every seat and these seats are built for comfort with their fixed headrest design and variable reclining system.


Jeep Seat Covers

Smittybilt XRC Seat Covers

These performance Smittybilt seat covers furnish all the style you need and are currently available for CJ, TJ, YJ, and JK applications. Abound with the high standards of style, protection, and comfort you expect from Smittybilt, they’re the perfect addition to Smittybilt’s acclaimed line of Jeep accessories. Read More


Turn your Jeep into a Towing Machine

When you are a Jeep owner or the owner of any vehicle really, there may be times when you need to tow different things.  It could be a trailer when you move, a boat when you want to play on the water, another vehicle or just anything.  When those times roll around it is a good thing to have the proper towing equipment already installed on your Jeep.  This equipment can be installed by the Jeep dealership, a company that sells the equipment, a garage or you may even be able to install it yourself.

Along with the installation options, there are also many options as to which towing equipment you need.  Towing balls, hitches and other related Jeep Wrangler accessories can be found sold separately or as a kit.  Your Jeep may have come with a hitch already installed or not, but for the purposes of this discussion we will assume that it already has a hitch.

Tow Hook Kit

Tow Hook Kit

This particular hook is brought to you by Warn.  It comes in black or chrome and attaches directly to the frame of the Jeep.  It gives you a point for attaching straps or chains as well as wire hooks to maximize your recovery options.  This hook has been rated to tow up to 8,000 lbs.  It comes with all of the necessary hardware for mounting.

Plug n Play Tow Hitch Wiring Harness

This wiring harness makes towing easy.  It will keep you from having to rewire your vehicle to accommodate a wiring harness for a towing package.  You just clip this harness onto a Quadratec or Mopar hitch and you are good to go and do not have to worry about your lights working.  This is a quite affordable option too because it retails for just under $25.

Mopar Jeep Receiver Hitch Plug

The hitch opening on your vehicle’s receiver is open to the elements and when it gets scratched up from towing it can start to rust.  Protect you hitch receiver opening with this hitch plug by Mopar.  It comes with a strap for retention, a Jeep logo and a 4 way wiring plug holder.  The material it is made of is called santoprene and it will not harden, shrink, chalk, crack or discolor.

There are more Jeep Wrangler accessories out there that are related to towing options.  Look some up and see what works for your needs.

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