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Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

The guys over at 4WD put together this list of essential Jeep parts for the zombie apocalypse!  Not bad, though I think a gun rack deserves to be on the list!



Chrysler-NHTSA Dispute: No Recall

A dispute between Chrysler and the NHTSA (who had initially requested they conduct a recall on 2002-07 Jeep Libertys and 1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees) has been settled.   While avoiding a recall, Chrysler has agreed to conduct an inspection

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Skyjacker Suspensions Overview

skyjacker-300x70Skyjacker Suspensions is an automotive company that has strong spiritual convictions within the faith of Christianity. The company believes its faith has been the driving force of Skyjacker’s success. Since the company’s beginnings in the early 1970s, its skills and expertise are suspension systems, lift kits, and many additional accessories and components that its customers need.  Skyjacker understands that there is a market of people who like to get out and experience the great outdoors. Then there is another market of people who want to go even beyond that in their sense of adventure. The latter group is the company’s key, targeted customers. And Skyjacker believes the customer is always right.

Throughout Skyjacker’s run as an automobile industry leader, it has retained–and sustained—its zeal for off-road driving. The company’s philosophy is: Provide the best-designed, advance engineered, and most innovative suspension that the 4×4 industry has ever seen or used. Skyjacker helped to foster the meaning of what a quality suspension is. The company strives for a suspension that that works in form and function to the highest level of performance possible. Skyjacker also realizes that this can only be accomplished with the highest quality of materials and resources available.

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The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival: Speaking of Jeeps

bantam-jeeps-logo-4WD-290x300When Jeepers gather for a festival in the birthplace of their beloved vehicle, stories take center stage. Everyone has their take on the Jeep’s history, memories of their first 4×4, and a loyalty that runs deep. The third annual Bantam Heritage Jeep Festival happens June 14-16 in Butler, Pennsylvania and features guest speakers, how-to clinics, historical presentations, and vendors. It promises to be entertaining and educational, championing the Jeep’s role in history and beyond.

It Starts With a Story

“I like to give the Jeep story first because that’s where all the action takes place,” says Lee Bortmas. Bortmas, a member of the Butler County Historical Society, will give three talks at the Festival. “If it weren’t for Roy S. Evans coming here and buying an automotive factory in 1936 we wouldn’t be in Butler talking about the Jeep,” he says. Bortmas managed to get a hold of Roy Evan’s memoirs and many of his stories are based on Evan’s own words. Read More


The Jeep Cherokee through the Years

First Wave: 1974-77

The Jeep Cherokee, introduced in 1974, shared almost every feature with the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, including dimensions and engine selections. The key differences between the two vehicles were that the Cherokee was initially available only as a two-door (with the same wheelbase and length as the Wagoneer) and the Cherokee was more economical than the more luxurious Wagoneer. A four-door Cherokee joined the lineup in 1977.


The ‘80s

The 1984 Cherokee shared no similarities with its predecessor. A shorter wheel-base (more than seven inches less than the “old” model, at 101.4 inches) and overall length (at 165.3 inches, a decrease of 21 inches) combined with a much lighter weight of around 3,100 pounds (more than 1,000 pounds less than before) yielded much better gas mileage and easier maneuverability on- or off-road. The ‘80s Cherokees provided two-door and four-door body styles. Read More


Jeep Tires: BF Goodrich All Terrain

I am going to start this article by assuming that you don’t already know everything there is to know about BF Goodrich tires. Now let me take you back to the year 1896. That was the year the BF Goodrich Company was formed. There was a new kind of vehicle then called the Winton car. BF Goodrich provided the tires for it.


Since then, the company has had quite a few other firsts. Jumping ahead a few years to 1903 we see the first effort to cross the entire United States in a vehicle. That vehicle was fitted with Goodrich tires and was successful. Going 24 years into the future, in 1927 there was a man named Charles Lindbergh. He had a plane called the “Spirit of St. Louis”. He wanted to make the first ever non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean in his plane. The plane was fitted with Goodrich tires. That plane is famous for completing the flight successfully. Jumping ahead another 50 years to 1977 we have a space shuttle named Columbia. While it was being constructed, it was fitted with Goodrich tires.

Now, I must ask you, if Goodrich tires have such a long and rich history littered with famous firsts, do you think they are good enough for you? Read More


Detroit Locker: Revolutionary Product among Performance Differentials

Few products perform as well as the Detroit Locker when it comes to quality traction. The Detroit Locker maximizes traction by delivering the full capacity of the torque to both drive wheels, enabling wheel speed adjustments only when absolutely necessary. That is why this product is the top choice of professional racers and off-road enthusiasts who insist on optimum traction. Now owned by Eaton, the game-changing Detroit Locker still proves to be the most reliable locking differential in the automotive industry. Additionally, off-road enthusiasts can now get the locking differential’s well-known durability in a limited-slip design for the street. Regardless of the conditions of the street, track, or trail, Detroit Locker enables off-roaders to conquer it.


The Detroit Locker maximizes traction by deliver complete torque to both drive wheels. It is engineered to keep both wheels in a constant drive mode, and has the ability to automatically allow wheel speed differentiation when required. Applications are also available for C-Clip style axles. Read More