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The Genesis of the Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep brand is the longest running vehicle of its kind. The automotive builder has an substantial history of success that extends back through World War II. First appearing as the prototype Bantam BRC, the pioneering vehicle emerged as the main light 4-wheel-drive vehicle of the United States Army and its allies during the WWII and postwar era. In addition, Jeeps are used by the U.S. Postal Service during the 20th century for mail services. A theory for the origin of the name Jeep has been the vehicle bore the designation GP (for “Government Purposes” or “General Purpose”), which was  mispronounced into the word “Jeep.”

The Jeep Wrangler was put on the market in 1987. It proved to be very popular among a cult sector of automobile drivers. These people seemed to relish the idea of travelling in a vehicle that had both elements of warfare and individual style. The volume of independence and swagger that the Jeep continues to pour into the respective mental outlook and egos of its owners is immeasurable. Read More


Jeep Community Forums Help Kick Business Up a Gear

RommelJuanofMDJuan-200x300Rommel Juan, CEO of MD Juan Enterprises, was born into the Jeep business. The Filipino fabricator is scheduled to give a tech presentation at the upcoming Spring Midwest Willys Jeep Reunion in Hudson, Ohio and one of the reasons he’s uniquely qualified to speak to Willys enthusiasts is his bloodline.

All in the Family

Rommel’s Grandfather founded MD Juan to sell Jeep parts locally in the Philippines and his Father followed by growing the company’s export market. Rommel took over in 2005 and though he’s still scripting his legacy, much of it owes a debt to cyberspace.

“It was only recently this year when I actively joined the different Jeep forums on the Internet and really started communicating with our customers,” says Rommel. The time committed to interacting online is paying off for MD Juan.

“We’ve implemented changes and improvements on our tubs that we learned from the forums at breakneck speed,” he says.I think I learned more in the past five months than in the past 20 years while I’ve been exposed to MD Juan.” Read More


Summing Up (and Sunning Up) Jeep Beach 2013

jeep-beach-2013-4WD-300x225Current headlines rage about giant African land snails in Florida, but crawlers of a different sort invaded the state a couple of weeks ago. Only these crawlers were Jeeps.

Skies were sunny and there was 80⁰ weather for most of the 10th Annual edition of Jeep Beach in Daytona Beach, Florida. The event happened April 24-28 and according to the promoter there were 65% more attendees in 2013 than there were last year. On the Jeep Beach homepage, it was announced that registration may have to close early due to capacity issues and although it didn’t happen, attendance numbers were shattered.

Thursday, April 25 Jeeps of all shapes, sizes, and makes gathered in the Destination Daytona parking lot. Wranglers, Cherokees, soft tops, and bikini tops were among the many that swarmed the lot. Friday events were inside and outside of the Shores Hotel and activities over the course of the five-day event included a Jeep beach parade, obstacle courses for different levels, a Jeep shining show, and huge raffles. Read More