Jeep Air Filters

As Jeep enthusiasts we often have our eyes and ears open for ways to bump up the horsepower and torque output of our motors. So many aftermarket companies are now advertising high performance air filters. Almost all of them claim some serious increases in horsepower and even better air filtration. Here are the three different materials currently being used in these air filters: paper, foam, and cotton gauze.

Paper air filters are typically pleated and flat. These are the filters that are standard on most passenger vehicles because the cost to manufacture them is low. If replace regularly (before clogged) they can provide adequate levels of air flow and OEM levels of filtration.

Foam filters are typically made from polyurethane plastic and doused with oil. Some foam filters are designed to be thicker than others depending on the intended use. The thicker foam filter would be more commonly used in very dusty conditions such as in a dry desert environment. Read More