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Jeep Cherokee XJ: Rubicon Express Jeep Lift Kits

If you are ready to lift your Jeep to new heights, you should check out the most popular Jeep lift kits on the market. Researching some of the best kits available will allow you to get an idea of what you should be looking for, as well as what the most popular brands are. The best kit for you depends on how high you want to lift your vehicle, so take a look at the most popular Jeep lift kits for each height.

2-Inch Lift Kits

You are encouraged to start small when you are first learning about lifts for your Jeep, so 2 inches or less may be a good place to begin. If you want to slightly lift your Jeep, the Rubicon Express 2” XJ kit is a great way to start. You should be able to fit wheels that are up to about 30 inches when you use this lift kit. Read More


Off-Roading Jeep Tires Brands

Some of the most well-known brands make the most popular Jeep tires. So if you are looking for new tires, it makes sense to check out all the top rated brands. Take a look at some of your options prior to purchasing new tires for your Jeep.

Pro Comp

This is a well-known tire company that is notorious for making tires with long tread life. In addition, these popular Jeep tires offer plenty of traction in any kind of weather or terrain. In fact, there are several types of Pro Comp tires available, depending on the type of surface you will be driving on. Whether you like paved roads or mud, you should look into these popular Jeep tires. Read More


Jeep Wheels: A Look into Popular Brands

Before you replace your Jeep wheels, take a look at some of the best available. When you want a smooth ride with good handling and a low chance of getting stuck while off-roading, you should pay attention to some of the most popular Jeep wheels. Get an idea of the brands you should consider.

Mickey Thompson

Mickey Thompson is among the highest rated brands for popular Jeep wheels. These types of wheels tend to be made of aluminum, and they are known for being durable. They are also considered stylish since they are polished and able to draw attention to any Jeep that has them. Read More


Popular Jeep Tops

You should check out some of the most popular Jeep tops if you are looking for a replacement for your vehicle’s current top. You can choose from soft and hard tops, and of course you need to choose one that fits your Jeep. However, you should first get a basic idea of the best Jeep tops on the market before you start shopping

Most Popular Soft Jeep Tops

Pavement Ends is just one brand that offers some of the most popular Jeep tops available. The tops offered by this company are generally inexpensive and of good quality. You can get similar quality from the Smittybilt Smart Top, which offers 2 zipped pockets and a tailgate bar. Read More